Rookie (and Pro) Mistakes

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I recently went on a shoot with a group of mostly amateur photographers to one of my favorite places to shoot here in Portland – Hippo Hardware. This eclectic collection of vintage hardware, lighting, plumbing supplies and paraphernalia is a photographer’s delight.


I was careful to charge my battery, even had a spare, but somehow I neglected to check if I had a media card in the camera, which, in fact, I did not.

Instead of pretending that I intended to shoot with my phone all along, I made the mistake of asking if anyone had a spare card. There were downward glances and looks of disbelief until finally someone quietly gasped – ‘You’re a professional’.

In fact, I know other pros who have made these kinds of mistakes (we are human after all, and some of us sinking quickly into the more forgetful phase of our lives) but still – Ouch.

Back to my checklist

I’ve taught many classes for beginning photographers that include my ‘Out the Door Checklist’:

  • Take extra media and extra charged batteries for camera and flash (if used)
  • Flash?
  • Clean lens, take cleaning supplies
  • Tripod? If yes, plate in it?
  • Filters?
  • Check baselines (file format, ISO, drive mode (single, burst, timer), focus mode, image stabilizer, shooting mode (video, Manual, Aperture, Shutter, Program etc))

Lesson learned to practice what I preach!

I did manage to get some fun shots with my phone, so saved a bit of my integrity!