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“Extremely knowledgeable expert “worth every dime” !”

– CARL New Hope, PA on 5/2/2016 – online private client Lightroom

Rebecca was excellent! She helped me complete processes and correct hard drive data in ways that I could never have done without her assistance. I would without question, highly recommend her to anyone who is having any challenges with their Lightroom program!

“Patience, skill and encouragement”

Linda “Bo” – Bend OR April 2016 email – classroom and private client – Lightroom

I can NOT thank you enough for your patience, skill and encouragement.  I do believe I would have been here for the rest of my life…staring at this computer and  trying to figure out even a portion of what you taught and did for me.  THANK you so,so much.  Not only was your class the best ever in presenting the material, but it was such fun.  And then the special treat of getting you all to myself last eve and this morning.  You are truly an angel that came into my life at just the right time.

“Knowledgeable and thorough!”

– Laura Terrace Park, OH on 5/2/2016 – online private client – Lightroom

Rebecca has a very patient and calm assurance that made me feel comfortable and at ease. I look forward to working with her again.

“Very Helpful Tutor”

– Julie Oakland, CA on 12/8/2015 – online private client – Lightroom

Rebecca has been more than helpful with helping me sort out my disorganized catalog. She shows great patience. I highly recommend her for help.

“Patience and Acceptance”

– Patricia Lake Oswego, OR on 11/7/2015 – private in person – general computer

She patiently taught me some especially basic functions, things my grandchildren can undoubtedly do in their sleep, as well as get my pictures on Craig’s List. She also began teaching me about organizing my photos, and how to make photo books. Rebecca accepted me where I was in the world of cyber space (square 1!), without judgment

“Great knowledge and patience”

– Cindy Scottsdale, AZ on 8/5/2015 – online private client – Lightroom

Lightroom questions. Getting photos into hard drives, sort, search, name them. All other questions that I had. easy to schedule.


You solved many a mystery for me…

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You solved many a mystery for me…

Had a blast with the gals in my Women’s Photography 101 Workshop in Long Beach WA – some feedback from participant Karen:

Rebecca ~ thank you for such a wonderful class this past weekend.  I feel that I have a good grasp on what my camera can do now and am ready to tackle it.  You solved many a mystery for me and given me the confidence to shoot better, learn more, and to kick it up a notch 🙂

It was a most informative and wonderful time away for me.

From Ruth:

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. I appreciated your attention to detail, your carefully thought-out lesson plans and hand-outs, and the balance between classroom instruction and shooting. (more…)

Proud Teacher

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I was so thrilled to see in this week’s Oregonian that one of my students, Debi Bradway, was a winner in their Travel Photography Contest!

Debi and I had worked together for the first time just before she left on a trip to SE Asia where she captured her winning shot. Of course, it’s debatable how much my instruction had to do with it as she is a remarkable artist to begin with, but she had just bought her first DSLR and had no idea how to do much more than turn it on when we started our session, so I feel like there is at least a little piece of me in that shot!

See all the winners – read all about it


You have been the highlight of my birthday presents

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You have been the highlight of my birthday presents

Hi there!

Rebecca, we enjoyed our classes so much I cannot tell you.  Thank you so much.  You have been the highlight of my birthday presents to Taryn, which raises the bar…..:)

Sandy (more…)

So pleased to have her as part of the Newspace community

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So pleased to have her as part of the Newspace community

Newspace Center for Photography is a fabulous resource for Portland’s photo community, offering classes, workshops, studio space, darkroom, digital computer lab, gallery shows and terrific staff. I am honored to be an instructor there.

Quote from one of Rebecca’s Newspace class students:

“I’ve learned more in this class than in any other class I’ve ever taken. Fantastic value for price of class. Absolutely amazing. Rebecca was supportive, funny, patient – a very good teacher.”

From Laura Valenti,  Program Director, Newspace Center for Photography:

“Rebecca is a wonderful resource for students. Her patience and good humor, as well as her ability to make complex ideas accessible make her a uniquely competent instructor. We are so pleased to have her as part of the Newspace community.”

Thanks, Rebecca!!




My Guru

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My Guru

Rebecca Forbes is my “computer Guru” especially when it comes to photography.  She’s been patiently encouraging me with her expertise since I started with my digital camera over three years ago. She makes it easy to understand and fun to create ones own photography. Whenever I have a problem, Rebecca is there to help me.

In my book, there’s nobody better!
Tobi O’Neil (more…)

Invaluable Support

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Invaluable Support

I have known Rebecca since 2000.  I did not know anything about computers and needed help in understanding how they worked and gaining the confidence to use our new Dell.   Rebecca spent many hours sitting beside me patiently explaining the basics and encouraging me to do different things. She has always responded promptly to calls for help.

Both my husband and I take a lot of photographs. When we changed over to digital cameras, (more…)