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Travel Photography – Five Tips to Get Images Meaningful to YOU!

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Travel Photography – Five Tips to Get Images Meaningful to YOU!

So you’ve gone on a big trip of a lifetime, brought home thousands of images.

Turns out the ones that you want to print and hang on the wall, or that your friends and family want to see are not the ones you expected.

Snow is White, not Gray

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Gray snow because of underexposure

Gray snow because of underexposure

White snow because of overexposure

White snow because of overexposure











Unless you take control, when your camera looks at a bright snowy frame, it thinks – whoa! That’s too bright! I need to darken it down!

And so it does, making your snow turn out gray.

Fix this problem on phone shots by touching the screen to set your focus, and looking for the little sun or light bulb on a line beside or below the focus square. Use your finger to slide up or down on the line to increase exposure until the snow is white, then shoot away.

Lightroom to Gmail setup

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One of the best things about Lightroom is being able to send images directly to your email client without exporting/opening  your client/attaching the file etc etc.

Unfortunately, setting this up to work with a Gmail account can be problematic because, unless you use this workaround, you need to lower your Gmail security settings (never a good thing) to make it work.

Here’s how to set up the workaround:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into your Google account (if you see your gmail, you are logged in)
  2. Go to this link to create a special password for Lightroom

Lightroom: Remove Graduated and Radial Filter Effects with Brushes

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Lightroom: Remove Graduated and Radial Filter Effects with Brushes

I love Lightroom’s graduated and radial filters, but sometimes they affect areas that I don’t want to be changed – such as a bird in a sky that I’ve darkened.

Erase brushes are available in Lightroom 6 and CC for both the graduated and radial filter that can undo that effect for selected areas.

Here are the instructions in a nutshell as well as a 6-minute video where I show how to use the Erase brush in the graduated filter, plus tips on using the brushes in general.

Springing into Flower and Blossom Photography

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Springing into Flower and Blossom Photography

Spring is surely a glorious time for photography – everywhere you look there are amazing things happening!

Tips for springtime photography

Rookie (and Pro) Mistakes

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Rookie (and Pro) Mistakes

I recently went on a shoot with a group of mostly amateur photographers to one of my favorite places to shoot here in Portland – Hippo Hardware. This eclectic collection of vintage hardware, lighting, plumbing supplies and paraphernalia is a photographer’s delight.


I was careful to charge my battery, even had a spare, but somehow I neglected to check if I had a media card in the camera, which, in fact, I did not.

Instead of pretending that I intended to shoot with my phone all along, I made the mistake of asking if anyone had a spare card. There were downward glances and looks of disbelief until finally someone quietly gasped – ‘You’re a professional’.

Camera Photos to Lightroom – Automatically!

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Camera Photos to Lightroom – Automatically!

I know I’m easily entertained, but discovering how to have my phone photos load automatically into Lightroom has to count as one of the highlights of my month – maybe year! Takes a few minutes to set up – but works like a charm thereafter!


Images from your phone are COPIED automatically into Dropbox when you take the shots, then whenever you open Lightroom, images are MOVED automatically from your Dropbox folder to the folder of your choice on your system and imported into Lightroom.

Important points

  • The photos WILL remain on your phone

A Magical Night of Painting with Light

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A Magical Night of Painting with Light

About 100 miles east of Portland on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge  is a Stonehenge replica build by a character named Sam Hill as a war memorial in connection with his elaborate mansion Maryhill.

The setting was perfect for a gathering of a group of nine semi-masochistic women photographers from the Women Learning Photography Together Meetup group, led by the inimitable Rebecca Evans and Dawn Baker, assisted by their minions Pat Dickerson and Val Drake to do light painting, and the ever popular steel wool spinning.

It’s Time to Let Them Know What You Want…

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Christmas blog bad gift ideasPersonally I don’t need any more stuff. I’d much rather have an experience and better yet, learn something new.

If this sounds like you, before your loved ones get you something awful for the holidays that you have to pretend that you like, let them know that you’d LOVE to get some time with someone who can help you take better photos and/or help with your photo file organization and/or using Lightroom better.

Yep, that would be me! Gift certificates available at a discounted rate through Dec 22 – $50/hr gets me showing up with a bow around my neck to help you however you like – in-person or online.

Offering Worldwide Photography, Lightroom Training!

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online training, lightroom, photography, microsoft office, excel, powerpoint, word

Your time, Your system, Your questions!

I’ve expanded my horizons (literally) thanks to a new tool I’ve discovered to replace the troublesome Skype.

This new tool does NOT require students to have an account or do elaborate setup – I just send a link, a few clicks and I’m seeing your screen – like sitting next to you! I can take your mouse if I need to, and, get this – we can record the session for you to watch again later! Wow.

 I’ve used this with several non-computer savvy students, works like a charm!