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A Magical Night of Painting with Light

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A Magical Night of Painting with Light

About 100 miles east of Portland on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge  is a Stonehenge replica build by a character named Sam Hill as a war memorial in connection with his elaborate mansion Maryhill.

The setting was perfect for a gathering of a group of nine semi-masochistic women photographers from the Women Learning Photography Together Meetup group, led by the inimitable Rebecca Evans and Dawn Baker, assisted by their minions Pat Dickerson and Val Drake to do light painting, and the ever popular steel wool spinning. (more…)

It’s Time to Let Them Know What You Want…

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It’s Time to Let Them Know What You Want…

Christmas blog bad gift ideasPersonally I don’t need any more stuff. I’d much rather have an experience and better yet, learn something new.

If this sounds like you, let your loved ones know that you’d LOVE to get some time with someone to help you take better photos and/or help with your photo file organization and/or using Lightroom better.

Yep, that would be me! Gift certificates available at a discounted rate through Dec 22 – $50/hr gets me showing up with a bow around my neck to help you however you like – in-person or online anywhere in the world.

Quick!  Before your loved ones get you something awful that you have to pretend that you like!

Just give them this link and I’ll take care of the rest. 

As always – thanks for supporting my small business.

Offering Worldwide Photography, Lightroom Training!

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online training, lightroom, photography, microsoft office, excel, powerpoint, word

Your time, Your system, Your questions!

I’ve expanded my horizons (literally) thanks to a new tool I’ve discovered to replace the troublesome Skype.

This new tool does NOT require students to have an account or do elaborate setup – I just send a link, a few clicks and I’m seeing your screen – like sitting next to you! I can take your mouse if I need to, and, get this – we can record the session for you to watch again later! Wow.

 I’ve used this with several non-computer savvy students, works like a charm!

Sessions are $30/half hour with a half hour minimum. Fee includes a recording of the session if requested.

Potential Topics

  • General Photography – basics of exposure or composition for example
  • Organizing your files – the MOST requested topic!
  • Basic and advanced Lightroom topics
  • Lightroom Workflow Diagnostic: We review your workflow and work together to make it more efficient
  • Excel, Word, PowerPoint
  • MailChimp

Two years since my last post – better be good…

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Rebecca @ Golden Gate Bridge San Fran

Traveling instead of doing blog… lol

Right there on my calendar, yep, third Monday of every month – Post on Blog!

And every month for two years now I’ve just blown on by it.

I’ve thought about it from time to time, even had some good topics, even bought a book about Blogging for Photographers – but, no, never time, and really, I’d say, I need to get the new website up before I post anything anyway, and on and on.

Oh my. So here I am , hoping that some of you will relate, that I am not the only one with this kind of crazy life.

So a new website, a new start on the blog, off I go.

Let’s just hope it’s not another two years before I get it together again…


You solved many a mystery for me…

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You solved many a mystery for me…

Had a blast with the gals in my Women’s Photography 101 Workshop in Long Beach WA – some feedback from participant Karen:

Rebecca ~ thank you for such a wonderful class this past weekend.  I feel that I have a good grasp on what my camera can do now and am ready to tackle it.  You solved many a mystery for me and given me the confidence to shoot better, learn more, and to kick it up a notch 🙂

It was a most informative and wonderful time away for me.

From Ruth:

Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop. I appreciated your attention to detail, your carefully thought-out lesson plans and hand-outs, and the balance between classroom instruction and shooting. (more…)

Photography 101 – Women’s Photo Retreat!

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Photography 101 – Women’s Photo Retreat!

I’m getting so stoked about my beginning photographer’s workshop coming up Oct 19 – 21 2012 through Newspace Center for Photography. For women only – in beautiful Long Beach WA. Some class time, lotsa shooting, and fun! There’s still room if you are interested… (more…)

My First Show!

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My First Show!

Ansel Adams is quoted as saying ‘The negative is comparable to the composer’s score and the print to its performance.’

Indeed, it’s been pretty safe to take pictures, post the ones I like.

But to print them, hang them in a shop, and invite peers, friends, general public to see them (with price tags on them!) seemed like taking my heart out of my chest and presenting it to the world – and saying – hey – waddya think?

Luckily, the world was kind. I had HUGE support from everyone, a great turnout at the show, even sold THREE  pieces and lots of cards – oh my. Felt the love!

Thanks to all!

What if you gave a Photo Booth, and nobody came?

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What if you gave a Photo Booth, and nobody came?

It seemed like such a great idea.

My gf Annie and I have started doing portrait and event photography together – she l’artiste, me the geek. She had the great hats and flair, I had the lights and lenses. Our target market – women like ourselves, wanting to have some fun, doll up, look great, have some great photos taken for friends, family and posterity. (more…)

Big Trip – Which Camera? Computer? Phone?

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Big Trip – Which Camera? Computer? Phone?

In the spring of 2011, my husband and I took a 5 week trip to SE Asia. Now some women agonize over what clothes and jewelry to take. I, on the other hand, agonize over what technology to take! Specifically, which camera, what computer, and what about our phones? (more…)

Computer Meltdown – and the Good news…

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On return from our trip, I discovered that, although it had been unplugged the whole time we were gone, the motherboard on my heretofore perfectly functioning main laptop was effectively toasted. Of course, it was 4 months out of warrantee. (more…)