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_MG_4591Do you need new images for your annual report or website?

How about images of a special collection or place?

Allow me to be your photojournalist.








Assignment: Corporate Image Stock

When Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council wanted images for their annual report, website, e_Newsletters, blogs and brochures, we captured images from 15 different locations including a college, a hospital, a marina, 3 parks and multiple manufacturing plants.

Assignment: Ghana Humanitarian Mission

Capture a humanitarian team’s work over a two week period in Ghana Africa. Surgery, library, clinic, well drilling, sanitation, and so much more. A life altering experience for all involved.

Assignment: Capture a Special Family Home

The woman wanted to clean up the boyfriend’s family homestead, but wanted a keepsake for him to remember his family’s stories. I spent 2 days shooting several acres of a family’s life from homesteading to present day. The resulting photo book made a gnarly man cry, and his girlfriend very happy. Win Win.

Tiffany Sinden
Tiffany Sinden Southwest Washington Workforce Development Council
Thanks, Rebecca!  You were great to work with!