Tips: Better Portraits

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There are many fairly simple things you can do to get better portraits.
  • Zoom all the way in on a 3x – 5x optical zoom (about midway on 8x – 10x), hold the camera vertically, and move to where your subject fills the viewfinder or LCD screen.
  • Ask your subject to look just slightly away from the camera’s lens.
  • If taking a child’s portrait, kneel down to their level.

This may not seem to make sense to you, but if you are outdoors, use the flash to fill in the shadows. To turn on the Fill-in flash, look for the symbol next to the button on your camera that looks like a lightening bolt and press it until you see the symbol on your LCD screen that represents the flash being on. Your camera will automatically compensate by setting the correct exposure if you are in an automatic mode.┬áIf you don’t believe me, try taking the same shot with and without the Fill-in flash – you’ll be surprised!

With fill flash – shadows filled in!

No fill flash – nasty shadows on face