Lightroom to Gmail setup

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One of the best things about Lightroom is being able to send images directly to your email client without exporting/opening  your client/attaching the file etc etc.

Unfortunately, setting this up to work with a Gmail account can be problematic because, unless you use this workaround, you need to lower your Gmail security settings (never a good thing) to make it work.

Here’s how to set up the workaround:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into your Google account (if you see your gmail, you are logged in)
  2. Go to this link to create a special password for Lightroom
  3. In the first block of the section called “Signing into Google”, you should see App Passwords as one of the choices. Click on those words. Note: you may have to turn on “2 step verification’ to get App Passwords to display)Lightroom to Gmail
  4. After verifying your Gmail password, click the Select App dropdown, choose “Other” and type “Lightroom (or whatever)”, then click
  5. Copy the password that is generated (highlight it, right click on it, choose copy) or just write it down…
  6. Open Lightroom and go to File > Email Photo
  7. In the From: dropdown, select Go to Email Account Manager
  8. Click the Add button lower left, name it Gmail and select Gmail from the Service Provider: dropdown
  9. Fill out the lower section as follows, entering your own email address for both the Email Address AND User Name and using the Password that you copied in Step 5 above from the Gmail website – NOT your usual Gmail password! (to paste, click in the box, right click > paste or just write it in – no spaces)
  10. Click Validate to make sure it works – should change in left column from Unvalidated to Validated – Click Done (lower right)


From now on, you will be able to select an image(s) and go to File > Email Photo and send it straight out of Lightroom using your Gmail acct.

Let me know how this works for you!