Lightroom: Remove Graduated and Radial Filter Effects with Brushes

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I love Lightroom’s graduated and radial filters, but sometimes they affect areas that I don’t want to be changed – such as a bird in a sky that I’ve darkened.

Erase brushes are available in Lightroom 6 and CC for both the graduated and radial filter that can undo that effect for selected areas.

Here are the instructions in a nutshell as well as a 6-minute video where I show how to use the Erase brush in the graduated filter, plus tips on using the brushes in general.

Demo of erasing effect of graduated filter from selected areas of image

1. No graduated filter
2. Graduated filter from upper right with lowered exposure – unedited
3. Graduated filter effect erased from trillium

In a nutshell:

  1. Apply a graduated or radial filter as usual
  2. Select the Brush tool
  3. Select Erase
  4. Adjust brush flow, size as desired
  5. Add Auto Mask if desired
  6. Brush in your image to erase the effect

Steps to use brush to erase effect of graduated filter tool in Lightroom 6 or CC

This 6-minute video shows you how