Scheduled Classes

There aren’t any classes scheduled right now, but sign up for the newsletter (upper right corner!) for news of new classes. 

I’m in the process of developing eCourses – stay tuned!

Also remember! Even if there isn’t a class scheduled that you may be interested in, I can always work with you one-on-one – online or in person! – or create a class for a group that you put together about many aspects of photography, Lightroom etc, or, even spreadsheets and word processing! Just ask.

Joe Cantrell
Rebecca, the Lightroom class you are currently teaching at Advance Camera is excellent! I’ve learned more today than in years of being the unofficial Adobe Crash Test Dummy.
Gretchen P
 I just completed the Women’s Workshop about 3 hours ago. I am in awe of the women in my group and completely in awe with the instructor Rebecca Benoit.

It was an amazing educational experience that left me feeling confident and ready to tackle some of the challenges I was having with light and exposure.

This workshop was one of the better things I have done for myself. She helped each person with their personal camera explore the features, shortcuts and just get comfortable shooting with it. I will pursue photography with a whole new “eye” for the unusual photo that tells the story I want to.

Thank you Rebecca!!!