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Forbes Best of 11-12-12Have old photos to be scanned, touched up and made into a slide show for your next big birthday party?

Or your 25 year old ‘baby’s’ wedding? Or a memorial service…

Wouldn’t it be great to have a book of photos from your last trip? Or your kids growing up?

What about setting up an attractive e-newsletter, blog, website or using social media well?

Read about these services that I can provide for you, or teach you how to do yourself!


Prepare: Scan - Retouch

Forbes Best of 11-12-56I can scan old prints and retouch them, or even make your digital images look their best

Post: e-Newsletters | Social Media | Blogs | Websites

 e-Newsletters are still vital ways to reach clients and Social Media has become essential for all organizations. Blogs are also a valuable to way to get your word out. I can help with all of these things.

Present: Slideshows

 Slideshows are powerful ways to present images for many occasions. Let me help you choose and prepare images, pick music, set the speed, make it loop back to the beginning – whatever will make it work for your needs.

Publish: Photo Books

photo booksAs fun as it is to view images online, photo books of our special trips, celebrations and history are precious now and will be for generations to come.

Let me help you

  • Select and prepare images
  • Choose a printer
  • Layout your pages
  • Whatever you need to get a great photo book
Susan Foster
Susan Foster Smart Packing for Today's Traveler

As the author/publisher of a bestselling book on packing, my best tool for reaching my customer was an e-newsletter.

Enter Rebecca, wearing her “Geekette” hat, and Viola!

Rebecca has a great grasp of clear communication, and powerful images. I receive “thank you” emails and increased sales from my e-newsletter and increased presence on social media, thanks to Rebecca.

Plus, she is a delight to work with!