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Lightroom to Gmail setup

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One of the best things about Lightroom is being able to send images directly to your email client without exporting/opening  your client/attaching the file etc etc.

Unfortunately, setting this up to work with a Gmail account can be problematic because, unless you use this workaround, you need to lower your Gmail security settings (never a good thing) to make it work.

Here’s how to set up the workaround:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into your Google account (if you see your gmail, you are logged in)
  2. Go to this link to create a special password for Lightroom

Camera Photos to Lightroom – Automatically!

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Camera Photos to Lightroom – Automatically!

I know I’m easily entertained, but discovering how to have my phone photos load automatically into Lightroom has to count as one of the highlights of my month – maybe year! Takes a few minutes to set up – but works like a charm thereafter!


Images from your phone are COPIED automatically into Dropbox when you take the shots, then whenever you open Lightroom, images are MOVED automatically from your Dropbox folder to the folder of your choice on your system and imported into Lightroom.

Important points

  • The photos WILL remain on your phone

Offering Worldwide Photography, Lightroom Training!

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Your time, Your system, Your questions!

I’ve expanded my horizons (literally) thanks to a new tool I’ve discovered to replace the troublesome Skype.

This new tool does NOT require students to have an account or do elaborate setup – I just send a link, a few clicks and I’m seeing your screen – like sitting next to you! I can take your mouse if I need to, and, get this – we can record the session for you to watch again later! Wow.

 I’ve used this with several non-computer savvy students, works like a charm!

Memorial Slideshow

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Memorial Slideshow

Gathering old photos, scanning them, making them into a memory in the form of a slideshow and/or book. I am so honored to help families do this.