Travel Photography – Five Tips to Get Images Meaningful to YOU!

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So you’ve gone on a big trip of a lifetime, brought home thousands of images.

Turns out the ones that you want to print and hang on the wall, or that your friends and family want to see are not the ones you expected.

Anyone can go online and find a millions shots of the Eiffel Tower or Leaning Tower of Pisa. What you probably won’t find many of are images that connect the experience of the trip with who YOU are. Here are some ideas about how to get those personally meaningful shots.

  1. First of all – think about why you travel.
    Is it because you like to interact with local people? Try unusual food? Learn more about the culture and history of a place?
    If so, be intentional about capturing images of the people, food, culture and history – or whatever it is that makes your bells chime.
  2. Before you go, give some thoughts to your personal passions (beyond travel and photography). Are you passionate about the environment? Animals? Gardening? Be sure to include those things in your travel plans – perhaps Germany’s fields of solar panels, London’s amazing zoo, the Smithsonian Gardens – and capture them for your trip story.
    Rebecca's feet on an elephant's back

    Part of my ‘feet’ travel collection

  3. Think of a theme of images to capture as you go – I like to capture my feet in a variety of different settings. It certainly is a different perspective of the elephant! Other themes may include doors and windows, textures, colors, art, sacred sites or ceremonies.
  4. Have a ‘shot’ list you made up pre-trip that you check daily on the trip to make sure that you are capturing things that you are interested in – some ideas: buildings, landscapes, local people (at work and play), transportation, market places and shops, street scenes, cemeteries, signs to remind you what you saw (or just quirky ones), travel companions, and very importantly – yourself!
  5. Research interesting (to you!) locations and events ahead of time using Google Images, local newspapers, social media and guidebooks.

Here’s a few from my ‘Doors and Windows’ theme from different places around the world